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We offer ayahuasca sessions in our Jungle trips To Tambopata National Park

Shamanic Sessions with Ayahuasca


The ayahuasca is considered an ancient healing medicine prepared with the chacruna or Psychotria viridis, another medicinal plant proper of our Amazon forest, and it will help you in the process of discovering your most inner being, led by a spiritual guide or shaman. It is utilised to attain an expansion of our conscience and the harmony within ourselves through an encounter with our deepest self, nature and the sense of transcendence, to then be able to share it with our fellow men and women. The word "aya" means "spirit" or "dead" in Quechua, while "huasca" means "rope"

The people interested in the different Ayahuasca ceremonies retreat, will have a preliminary conversation with the Shaman or Healer who will perform the Ayahuasca ceremony, in order to allow the latter to diagnose the person´s physical and emotional condition and know about the interest he/she might have regarding the use of the master medicinal plant and so that a mutual trust relationship might arise between the participants and the person who will perform the Ayahuasca ceremony retreat in Peru.

The Ayahuasca ceremony retreat take place at night, from 7:00 p.m. on and this is in order to get a better response from the Master Medicinal Plant´s effects.
• After 30 minutes of having ingested the ayahausca beverage, the participant will have a different perception of his/her body and will feel somewhat disoriented, as something similar as the effect of alcohol.
• Possible vomiting or expulsion of the ingested ayahuasca beverage might occur, but without any bad smell of vomit, as only what has been ingested is being expulsed. In some cases, it might happen that diarrhea might serve as a purge for the organism or simply, it is possible that the participant might not feel any of these sensations and this will greatly depend on his/her physical and emotional state, as well as on whether he/she has correctly followed the indications given by the Shaman and the agency.
• Then, the participant enters into a state of trance and starts to have visions, exploring his/her life, in an interrelation with the Cosmos and the Universe and a contact is frequently made with the “Pacha Mama” or Mother Earth. But, regarding the visions that one might have, this is not a constant factor in all individuals and much of it depends on the participant´s general state of health, as well as on his/her physical, mental and emotional impetus. The effects of the plant last about 3 hours and a half, depending on each participant´s general condition. (Of course, if the participant is blocked or didn´t follow the indicated diet, he/she generally won´t have any vision at all).
• After the hours of trance have gone by, the participants will feel somewhat tired and will simply rest until the next day, to then get back to their respective hotel.

After the Ayahuasca ceremony retreat , each participant will have an analysis and conclusion conversation with the shipibo Shaman about everything that happened during the Ayahuasca ceremony retreat and especially, on his/her general state, as well as on the interpretation of visions if he/she had any, in order to offer him/her a complete service and eliminate doubts regarding all of what he/she had the chance to experience during the process of the ceremony.

Strict diets to participate in an Ayahuasca Ceremony retreat
Two days before the ceremony:

•Do not eat meat, fish or seafood of any kind
•No citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit)
•No pills nor chemical medicine of any kind
•No smoking of any kind of tabacco
•No ingestion of any kind of alcohol
•No ingestion of any kind of drugs, being legal or not
•No sexual activity of any kind
•Women who have their periods, are pregnant or breast feeding SHOULD REFRAIN
•People with heart problems SHOULD REFRAIN.


•Strict diet
•In the morning, you will only drink papaya juice
•And after the juice, you will only drink water and nothing else during the whole day, until the time of the

•Do not consume any alcoholic beverages, at least one whole day after the ceremony
•Rest to regain energies lost during the previous night
•As far as food is concerned, you will be able to go back to your normal diet.
In the case of a healing ceremony with the Master Medicinal Plant (More than two intakes), the diet will start 15 days before the ceremony.

•Transportation to the ceremony center
•Ceremony Shaman (Amazon shaman)
•English Speaking Guide as Translator .

•Mineral water for the ceremonies
•Other unmentioned expenses.

•Warm jacket
•Rain poncho or waterproof jacket

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