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First day: Your guide will pick you up from the airport or from the bus station. You値l then go to our office to register (passport number and flight number). Then, you値l take the boat down Madre de Dios River to get to our Lodge. After a one-hour boat ride, you値l arrive at the Lodge where you値l be given a fresh exotic fruit juice. You値l get the key to your room.
After resting for a bit, you値l go for a two-hour walk in the jungle. Your guide will tell you about the lush vegetation (some trees are 500 years old). You値l also have the chance to see birds (parrots, macaws), monkeys snakes, butterflies You値l discover our wonderful jungle.
In th evening, you and your guide will go for a boat ride on Madre de Dios River to look for caimans. You値l spot the shiny red eyes of the caimans with a flashlight. You might also observe capibaras, the biggest rodents in the world. They can weigh up to 60 kilos.
Back at the Lodge. Opcional Night walk.

Second day: You値l wake up After breakfast, you値l go to the Monkey Island, which is jsut across from our Lodge. There, you値l see different kind of monkeys. Then, you値l take the boat again to get to the Tambopata National Reserve. After a five kilometre walk, you値l discover the amazing Sandoval Lake. It痴 a real wonder, where you値l see a great varierty of animals, such as birds, monkeys, slothsAfter a typical lunch; you値l go for a boat ride on the lake to see the animals from closer. If it痴 a lucky day, you might see giant otters (Animals in danger of extinctiuon) or very big black caimans (the biggest one registered is five metre long).
You値l be on your way back to the Lodge at sunset.

Third day: After breakfast, you値l go for a short walk into the jungle to get to a small river where you値l fish piranhas. You値l be back at the Lodge for lunch time. After a nap, you値l be taken back into the jungle to keep looking for wildlife. You値l be experiencing zip-lining, tree-climbing, etc Of course, a specialist will be with you to tell you evething you need to know about security to experience a safe but exciting adventure! Feel the adrenaline! You値l love it! And in the afternoon we will kayaking in the river, No previous experience is required. A boat will bring us upriver and then we will paddle down a portion of the River with some rapids. After that we will go back to the lodge to have dinner and optional night walk.

Fourth day: After breakfast you値l head back to the city to visit the local market and discover some tropical fruits. Your guide will take you to the airport.

IMPORTANT: Please note that the program may vary slightly so as to maximize your wildlife sightings, depending on the reports of our researchers and experienced naturalist guides based at the lodge.

Tour Included:
Professional naturalist guide
Entrance fees to Tambopata National Park
All food (vegetarian on request) and drinking water
Lodge accommodation
First Aid Kit, extractor (for poison)
Radio Communication

Tour Not Included:
Alcoholic drinks etc

Things you should bring for the Trip:
Mosquito Repellent
Long Sleeved shirts (cotton is better)
Rain Gear
Long pants
Bathing suit
Hiking shoes
Plastic Bags for clothes and camera etc.
Personal Things (soap, toilet paper. towel)
Hat (or Handkerchief)
Sun Blocker, sunglasses

PUERTO MALDONADO TOURS - SANDOVAL LAKE - TAMBOPATA : puerto maldonado tour 4 days and 3 nights amazon tour peru
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